Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

At St George and St Martin, we believe that each and every child is unique and important, a gift from God. Each and every child receives the very best personalised learning programme that we can provide. Children are considered to have a Special Educational Need if they require something which is additional to or different from most of their peers in order to be able to make progress with an area of learning, communicate with children or adults or play and interact with others using age appropriate social and emotional skills.

Children who have a Special Educational Need will have an personal Pupil Passport which is written each term by the the adults who work with the child in school and their family.

Mrs Griffiths is the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO). The SENCO is responsible for overseeing the provision made for pupils with Special Educational Needs and for ensuring that each child receives the very best support and provision for them.

Further information about Special Educational Needs and disabilities at St George and St Martin can be found in our SEN Policy (SEN Policy 2022), our Equality Policy 2021-2023, our Equality Plan 2022-23 and our SEN Information Report (SEN Information Report 2022). If you would like to talk to someone about Special Educational Needs, you can talk to any member of staff in school, Mrs Griffiths the SENCO or Mrs Farmer, or Emma Saunders, the Academy Committee representative with responsibility for Special Educational Needs.

You can contact them by telephoning 01782 234384, emailing: or by calling into the school off