Values & Virtues

Our children follow the Jesuit Pupil Profile.  Each half term, the children will learn about two values and virtues.  They will learn what those words mean, how we can do those things and examples of these values and virtues in the Old and New Testament, the lives of the Saints, lives of other important people and in everyday life and stories.

This half term, our values and virtues are:

Eloquent and Truthful.

To be eloquent means to:

  • speak or write fluently;
  • use language to express our ideas clearly;
  • choose our words to show kindness;
  • choose our words not to hurt others;
  • we can express ourselves through speaking, dance, drama, painting or writing;
  • we should use our creative gifts to say things that are interesting, truthful, memorable and faithful.

To be truthful means to:

  • be honest and truthful and follow in His footsteps;
  • live as Jesus wants us to;
  • be truthful to ourselves and to Jesus;
  • stand up for the truth.