Year 2

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July 2020 Home Learning Packs


Year 2 Letter w.b. 13.07.20

Year 2 Home Learning 13.07.20

Art. Mixed Media Flowers

Art. Step-by-step drawing jungle animals

Art. Sunshine Dot Painting

Art. Under The Sea Water Colour Painting

Challenge. Missing Medal Mystery SPaG

Challenge. The Mystery of The Naughty Gnome Maths

Crafts. Fingerprint-Minibeast-Garden-Craft-Instructions

Crafts. Handprint-Flying-Superhero-Craft-Instructions

Crafts. Handprint-Mermaid-Craft-Instructions

Crafts. Ice-Cream-Cone-Craft-Instructions

Crafts. Paper-Plate-Crab-Craft-Instructions

English online. Daily Spellings Practise sheet blank

English online. handwriting lines

English Online. handwriting lines

English. A-Z-Of-The-School-Year-Writing-Frame

English. SPAG activites booklet

Maths online lesson. 0-9 Digit Cards

Maths. Bus Stop Activity Sheet

Maths. Crack the code summer activity

Maths. Straw Square Maths Challenge

Maths. Sudoku Sheets

Maths. The Ice Cream Cone Activity

Maths. Sweet Sorting Maths Challenge

Science. Dancing Raisin Science. Paper Cup Challenge Activity

Science. Paper Cup Challenge Prompt Card

Science. Paper Towel Colour Mixing

Science. Skittle Colour Mixing

Phonics Spellings Online Lesson 14th July


Year 2 Letter w.b. 06.07.20

Year 2 Home Learning 06.07.2020

Achievements English Online Lesson - handwriting lines

Future Ambitions

Hopes and Wishes

Maths Online Lesson - 100 square grid

Maths. GOLD. Eggs in a basket

Maths. SILVER. Thirsty orange clues

Maths. SILVER. Thirsty picture cards

Maths. SILVER. Two Dice reasoning

Phonics Online Lesson - spellings

RE. Journey in Love

Reading Comprehension. End plastic pollution differentiated

June 2020 Home Learning Packs


Year 2 Letter w.b. 29.06.20

Year 2 Home Learning 29.6.20

Art. Clarice Clif design sheet

Everybody Worries Task for next weeks lesson Page 2 only

Geography - deforestation information

History - Clarice Cliff Timeline

Maths - Shape in Art

Music. Body Percussion

PPT - Clarice Cliff examples

PPT - Clarice Cliff Information

RE - Journey in Love

Reading - Rainforest Poems

Reading comprehension - palm-oil-differentiated

Science - activity. animals to sort

Science - Layers of the rainforest facts

Science - Rainforest layers

Science -simplified layers of the rainforest

Science. PPT - Rainforest as Habitats

Science. Revision sorting animals


Year 2 Letter w.b. 22.06.20

Year 2 Home Learning 22.6.20

Art. Rousseau jungles

Colouring rainforest-mindfulness

English. Animal sentences - Word Bank

English. Animal Sentences - Word Bank

English. The Great Kapok Tree - matching activity

English. The Great Kapok Tree - matching activity

Geography Locate Habitats on a World Map

Maths - Activity 1. Coins_and_notes_Infographic_UK

Maths - Activity 2. What's that coin. Activity sheet

Powerpoint - Living in the Amazon

Quiz - Coins_and_notes

Quiz - Why_is_it_important_to_save_money

RE - People Who Help us in the Community

RE Journey in Love - Social

Reading Comprehension Rainforests - differentiated

Reading Extension - What Plants Need to Grow Activity Card

Science - Story of Frog Cycle

Science. Lifecycle of a frog



Year 2 Letter w.b. 15.06.20

Year 2 Home Learning 15.6.20

Habitat background to match the animals to


Layers of the Ocean Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Matching Animals to their habitat

Maths Colour the Jugs ml

Maths Litres Problem Solving 2

Maths Millilitres Problem Solving

RE God's Love in the community

Sharks Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity



Year 2 Letter w.b. 08.06.20

Year 2 Home Learning 8.6.2020

Geography Locate habitats on a world map


Marriage Signs and Symbols Labelling

Maths Draw and Measure-a-Line using a ruler

Maths solve problems with Lengths

Tigers Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity



Year 2 Letter w.b. 01.06.20

Year 2 Home Learning 1.6.20

Birds in Your Garden Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

RE Baptism labelling sheet

RE Baptism PPT

Wildlife story planning sheet