Year 3

Autumn 2023

Hello and welcome back to a brand new year at St George and St Martin’s. We are looking forward to a fantastic first term in Key Stage 2. We have many exciting things to learn in each of the subjects in our curriculum in Year 3. Below is a taster of some of the work we will be doing over the coming months…





-New vocabulary



-Traditional stories


Topic that we will cover this term in maths are…
- Place Value

-Addition and subtraction

-Multiplication and division


Units that we will cover this term in RE are…




Our focus in science this half term will be Animals Including Humans, looking at food chains, diet and the skeletal system.

Next half term, our focus will be Rocks, we will discover different types of rocks, learn about soil formation and study the work of Mary Anning.

Our focus in History this term will be the changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We will learn all about these prehistoric periods through themes such as chronology, society, beliefs and monuments.
This term in Geography we will be learning about the 8 compass points and the counties and cities in England. We will do lots of revision of previous years learning to consolidate        understanding.
We will begin our work in Art by   looking at sketch work this term,   discovering how to express emotion in facial expressions as well as         developing the use of graded pencils.
Design and Technology
Our topic in Design and Technology this term is product packaging. We will look specifically at existing packaging design and use our maths and art skills in conjunction to design and produce nets for packaging.


We begin this year in PE with lessons from Mr Sigley who will be covering Multi Skills

Other units covered this term will be Netball, Gymnastics and Health    Related Exercise.

Our first focus for this term in computing will be how to Create, store and retrieve digital content. This will have an emphasis on Word Processing skills.

We will also be looking at e-safety, including cyberbullying and safe communication online.

We begin our French learning this term with a focus on key vocabulary and basic conversation skills such as, days of the week, colours, saying hello and introducing ourselves.

We will look at friendships this term, exploring how we are all different in lots of ways, but if we work together with kindness we can have great relationships. We will also learn about our bodies, how we don’t have to look the same but we have to show each other respect.

Year 3 Autumn Newsletter 2023