Year 4

Autumn 2023

Welcome back to the start of a brand new year at St George & St Martin’s Catholic Academy! We are very happy to be welcoming your children into Year 4 and helping them to achieve their full potential throughout the year. We hope that you have had a fantastic Summer and are feeling refreshed, ready to continue learning in Key Stage 2.

The children will learn through discrete subjects. Below are some of the things that we will cover during the Autumn term.


  • Poetry with an animal/Iron Age theme
  • Character descriptions
  • Newspaper report
  • Story in an imaginative world
  • Classic poetry
  • Recount – write a diary
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Suffix and prefix spelling rules
  • Punctuation including direct speech


  • Place Value
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Measurement – area


  • Creation and the story of Abraham
  • Jesus teaches us how to pray
  • Old Testament Moses—King David
  • Advent


  • UK Rivers
  • UK Mountains
  • 4 figure grid reference
  • 8 point compass rose
  • Plan a UK car journey using a map


  • Romans including:
  • Roman and British History
  • Invasion of Britain
  • Housing


Autumn 1: Animals including Humans

  • The Digestive System
  • Teeth
  • What happens to my food?
  • Food chains - Predator, prey and producer

Autumn 2: Sound

  • Pitch
  • Higher and lower
  • Soundproofing


  • Create texture in art
  • Facial expressions
  • Know how to use line, tone, shape and colour to represent figures and forms in movement
  • Integrate digital images into artwork
  • Class artist – Georges Seurat

D & T

  • Textiles – Running and backstitch

Year 4 Autumn Newsletter 2023