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History of St George & St Martin's

St George & St Martin's Catholic Academy, previously known as Birches Head RC School, opened in 1915 as an infants school.  It became a school taking pupils up to 14 years old in 1925.  The school was built next door to St George & St Martin Parish Church, which just appears at the extreme left edge of the photograph. The school building in the photograph has since been demolished and a new KS1 building was erected in 1993.




Unsure of the date of these photographs.  Probably late 80's, early 90's.

Both photographs, although from a different angle, would have been taken from upstairs in the terraced houses opposite the school.



The first photograph shows part of the new building.  You can just see the new Nursery classroom on the left.

The second photograph is the same view but showing the almost complete demolition of the old building.

Here's a photo of the old school bell.  

It doesn't get used now as we have an automated bell!

How many children over the years would have heard this bell at the beginning and end of the day, at playtime and dinner time?



Here is a photo of the School Punishment Book, the first entry dated 18th July 1934.

The nature of the punishment was usually 'Caned - one stroke or two.'

Here's a few of the offences which a pupil would have received a punishment for:

  • Throwing stones on the playground
  • Insubordination
  • Insolence to classteacher