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St Margaret Ward Transition

St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy - Year 6 Transition

At St George & St Martin Catholic Academy, we are extremely proud of our close working relationship with our Collegiate High School, St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy. We work closely with the staff from all departments to share expertise and good practice and to ensure our curriculum is an all-through curriculum from 2 - 19, resulting in a seamless transition to High School.  Our children visit Saint Margaret Ward on many occasions throughout their time at St George & St Martin's and so are very comfortable with the environment and staff when they move.

At St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy, our aim is to provide children with the best possible opportunities for success. We aspire for all students to succeed through excellent teaching, uncompromising standards of behaviour and persistent unconditional care. Through the inspiration we find in the words and example of our three patrons, St Margaret Ward, St John Henry Newman and St Jean Baptiste De La Salle, we aspire to provide an education that produces responsible, compassionate, tolerant, courageous, and non-judgmental young people who live their lives with integrity. 

We have a well-established transition programme which includes a wealth of activities for students throughout the Newman Catholic Collegiate from Year 2 to 6. Many children have greatly enjoyed the plethora of enrichment activities and have benefited from the expertise, creativity and care that they have experienced from our school community. Please visit to keep up to date with transition events at our school.  


Primary Team Building Event:

We had 60 fantastic primary students - varying in age. Students took part and completed various team building and problem solving activities, where they had to show great team work, communication, problem solving and resilience. Some students were pushed out of their comfort zone working with students they didn't know from other feeder primary schools.
Students showed great determination and motivation throughout the night and represented themselves in a positive light. It was a huge success and students had a fantastic time!

Basketball event:

We had 50+ fantastic boys and girls from our collegiate primary schools. Throughout the evening students engaged within different basketball drills, then later applied their basketball skills and knowledge into a mini tournament. All students involved were fantastic and showed outstanding knowledge and understanding of the rules whilst working together displaying fantastic team work skills and resilience throughout the games.

We look forward to welcoming the students back later in the year to compete in another Basketball.

Year 5 Spelling Bee

Spelling is a vital life skill which we constantly strive to improve at St Margaret Ward. We recently extended our promotion of spelling by holding a Spelling Bee for members of Year 5 from across the Collegiate. The pupils were well and truly put through their spelling paces, having to spell some very tricky words from memory without the aid of pens or paper. We were astounded by the level at which the pupils performed and were delighted to see such enthusiasm and skill. We are hoping to make this a regular event with even more challenging spellings!