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Year 1

We would like to introduce you to our Year 1 Staff

Mrs. Dean - Classteacher (Monday)

Mrs. Ladeira - Classteacher (Tuesday - Friday)

Miss. Meaney - Teaching & Learning Assistant

Spring 2024

We would like to wish you all a very warm Happy New Year. May 2024 bring everyone much health and happiness.  After a very busy and successful Autumn Term, Year 1 are ready for the Spring Term at St George and St Martin’s.

This term will see the children learning about their bodies, how to stay healthy through diet, exercise and hygiene. We will also be learning about the history of our local area, and as we await the return of sunnier days we will be looking at seasonal changes.

Here is more information about what the children will be learning.


  • Using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops to write short stories, instructions, recipes, and fact files.
  • Poems with pattern and rhyme
  • Character descriptions
  • Build up fluency and confidence in reading


  • Addition and subtraction problems, using the + - and = signs 
  • Working with money, reading the time, weight and measures.
  • 2D and 3D shapes.


  • We will learn about Jesus: Teacher and Healer, Forgiveness, Lent, Holy Week and Easter


  • Know which is the hottest and coldest season in the UK
  • Know and recognise main weather symbols.
  • Know which is N, E, S and W, on a compass


  • What was life like for my great grandparents?
  • How have homes changed over time?


Humans (Animals including Humans)

  • Look at our bodies - collect and record information about bodies by observing and measuring.
  • Recognise the meaning of some scientific vocabulary: predicting, measuring, gather and data.
  • Senses


  • Digital  literacy/E-Safety

- Use technology safely

-  Keeping personal information private.

  • Information technology

- Basic computer skills

- Create, store and retrieve digital content.


  • Describe what you can see and give an opinion about the work of an artist.

Class artist: Paul Klee.

  • Know how to show how people feel in paintings and drawings 
  • Know how to create moods in art work 

D & T

  • Use their own ideas to design a product which moves – levers and sliders
  • Make a product which moves and describe how their own idea works
  • Making healthy fruit kebab
Autumn 2023

Welcome back to the start of a new academic year at St. George & St. Martin’s Catholic Academy.  We are so happy to welcome everyone back. We are thoroughly looking forward to teaching a new class, getting to know your children, and supporting them in making strides in their learning. Here is more information about what is going on in the classroom and what the children will be learning.

The Autumn Term is always a busy one, but we will be starting in our local area. We will be exploring houses and homes, both past and present. This will be compared to London, learning about famous people from these special places and some special events.

Here is a taster of just some of the things the Busy Bees in Year 1 will be doing!


  • Using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops to write sentences to retell stories.
  • Listening to and reading stories by our class author Julia Donaldson and using these as a basis for writing our own stories.


  • Comparing and ordering numbers, counting, and writing numbers beyond 20 and tackling addition and subtraction problems.


  • We will learn about Creation, Celebrations, Prayers and Advent
  • Our class saint is Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta who is known for her humble works of love, caring for the poor and needy.
  • Other Faith: Judaism – Festivals


  • Explore maps of the local area and the UK.


  • Learn about the Great Fire of London.


  • Learn about different everyday materials, their properties and uses.

Art and D&T

  • Our class artist is Paul Klee: “A line is a dot that went for a walk.”
  • Become inspired by a range of artwork and design and make models of houses.


  • Digital literacy/ E-Safety : Use technology safely.
What's been happening in Year 1 ...

Year 1 held a prayer and liturgy service, to remember all the Holy Souls.  In the month of November, we pray for those who have died, to help them on their journey to eternal life with God in Heave.  We reflected on the Autumn leaves.  The leaves have fallen from the trees and their job has changed.